Cyril Gaffiero

Flag France

Type of guitar

O-hole, D-hole, F-hole


I moved to Valence-en-Brie in 2006. It’s a small village by Samois-sur-Seine in Seine-et-Marne. I specialise in making, repairing and tuning jazz guitars. I have always been passionate about music and have grown up listening to my father’s Django Reinhardt records. I started playing the guitar as a teenager. I quickly started to modify, take apart and customize my first guitars. Then, I met the guitarist Pierre « Kamlo » Barré and decided to make my first gipsy/manouche guitar, and to create my own workshop. Now I design and make guitars in the style of Selmer. It’s important for me to make instruments that are unique in their conception and tone. I like to use various types of wood and different techniques during the making of the instrument. But above all I take into account what is important to the musicians who come and see me, and I try to stick closely to their requirements and instructions.

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