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For more than 15 years Godefroy Maruejouls (MJS) has been dedicated to the making of fine guitars. Well known for his Gypsy Jazz guitars, Godefroy also makes accoustics and electrics guitars and electrics basses. Whatever the model, each guitar is individually handcrafted to the highest specifications. Godefroy Maruejouls has been making guitars since 1998, entirely handcrafted and made to meet your exact specification. Very early in his apprentership, Godefroy had an interest for the Selmer-Maccaferry and Selmer guitars. For him they represent the essence of the european guitar through their history and characteristics. Godefroy takes great satisfaction in crafting one-off instruments to a customer’s specific taste, as well as making high quality standard models. He builds gypsy jazz guitars in both the Selmer and Maccaferi tradition and also nylon string/classical guitar as well as modern solid-body electric instruments. Today the competition from factory-build instrument is fierce and a hand crafted guitar needs to be unique and constructed to the highest standard possible. To obtain this excellence Godefroy selects by hand and carefully crafts every piece of wood, taking care of their visual aspect and most importantly for their physical qualities in order to get the best sound out of the instrument. Musicians spend more time with their instrument than he does after all, therefore it is important to pay attention to their ideas and taste. Having a guitar specially made can also be an uncertain process, sometimes it is hard to define what it is needed and this is where Godefroy’s expertise as a guitar maker will help you to find your dream guitar. Godefroy has been involved with the guitar since a young age and he joined the guitar making course at London Metropolitan University in east london in 1998 when he was just 20 years old. He trained for four years under the supervision of Dave Witheman, Norman Mayll and Dave King and also worked as a part-time repairer at Hanks Guitar shop in Denmark st (London). After gaining valuable work experience at the workshops of Dave King and Bernie Goodfellow, Godefroy decided to set his own workshop in east London in the summer 2005.

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