Lehmann Guitars

Flag United States of America

Type of guitar

O-hole, D-hole

Price for guitar starts at

3500 Euro

Guitar case included


Most famous clients

Rolly Brown, Ken Calhoun


Lehmann Stringed Instruments is a full service shop dedicated to stringed instruments. He has been custom building early and modern instruments since 1971, and this is the main focus of the business. Each instrument built is unique in its woods and decoration. The vintage instruments that leave our shop are guaranted to be in the best playing condition possible, and attention to detail is our hallmark. Bernie Lehmann was trained by master luthier Owen Shaw in Boston, and perfected his trade by hand building over 400 custom made instruments. He recieved a degree in Experimental Design from Syracuse University in 1971 and has been making custom stringed instruments since then. There are two Lehmann models patterned after the Selmer/Maccaferri guitars popularized by Django Reinhardt in the 1930’s: The Model Manouche, and the Model Eclipse. The Model Manouche, with the large “D” shaped soundhole has a rich tone, and the Model Eclipse with its small oval soundhole has a bright tone. Because of this tone difference, they make a perfect pair! Lehmann Gypsy Guitars are available with a choice of either traditional bracing or contemporary bracing. The traditional style bracing lends a tone which is bright and is clear, while the contemporary style bracing is rich and sweet. All LEHMANN GUITARS are custom made and unique. The models shown are just a few fine examples of Lehmann’s work. More on the Model Eclipse The Model Eclipse is patterned after the Selmer “Petite Bouche” model but with a 21st Century sound. It has remarkable sustain and is able to cut through bricks! The tone of the Model Eclipse is bright and clear, and the volume is guaranteed to please. The sound port opens up the sound of this guitar and lets you hear the instrument better too. This model has a standard string length of 26 3/8” (67 cm) but can be made with a 25 ½ length if preferred.

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