Lutheri Bruunari Guitars

Flag Netherlands

Type of guitar

O-hole, D-hole

Number of frets

12-fret, 14-fret

Price for guitar starts at

1800 Euro


An original Bruunari is a handmade instrument and comes in three different types: the Bruunari classical, the Bruunari flamenco and the Bruunari gypsy guitar. If you are interested in buying a new Bruunari guitar you should order it first. So, if you live in the Netherlands and are interested, you should contact me for an appointment. If you live outside the Netherlands, the best you can do is check out the video samples for a sound impression. The price of a new Bruunari guitar ranges between � 1800 en � 2200, primarily depending on the material of your choice. On my web-site you will find a collection of photo's that display the way I constructed two Bruunari Gypsy guitars and some video samples.

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