Marco La Manna

Flag Italy

Type of guitar

O-hole, D-hole, F-hole, Round-hole, Nylon, Others

Number of frets

12-fret, 14-fret

Price for guitar starts at

3000 Euro

Delivery & Shipping option


Pickup installation


Left handed guitars


Guitar case included


Most famous clients

AUGUSTO CRENI (Orchestra Cocò, Gadjo Swing, Augusto creni 5tet, Scaramanouche, Piji Electro swing 5tet), DARIO NAPOLI(Dario Napoli modern Project) , GIOSUE MASCIARI (Quasi Manouche), CLAUDIO CEDRONI (Estetango), ROBERTO FONTANA, JOVICA JOLE PANIC, ALBERTO BOGGIO,


Marco La Manna is a luthier graduated from the Civic School of Guitar Making in Milan. Specialized in the construction of modern guitar and restoration of antique instruments. Over time he had the opportunity to view original guitars "Selmer" and gain inspiration for his production. He currently lives and works in Cremona, home of the Italian violin-making, where his lab housed in an old water mill. Specialized in the construction of guitars for the Gipsy-jazz music, that mainly creates in philological way. Giving life to the classical Petite Bouche( Oval-Hole), Grand Bouche (D-Hole) models and antique models. For his guitars using only the best of timber purchased in Italy and hardware available on the world market.

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I've met him during a master class in Milan. He seemed very expert and professional when He was talking about guitar technical specifications. I've heard one of a his guitar sound and I was very impressed about the clarity and loudly voice I hope to buy a lamanna guitar in the future

fabrizio rastiello


Marco is not only a great luthier, is an artist of the wood! His guitars express an aesthetic beauty uncommon, accompanied by an excellent sound quality. Really recommended for those looking for a top quality manouche guitar, carefully customizing details. I am extremely happy to have met Marco and truly satisfied with the guitar that he built for me !! Thank you very much Marco ! :-)

Claudio Cerdoni


It's really very simple for me: Marco has made some of the best gypsy jazz guitars I have ever tried, and I have tried many! Customer service is unparalleled also

Dario Napoli

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