Rob Aylward Guitars

Flag United Kingdom

Type of guitar

O-hole, D-hole

Number of frets

12-fret, 14-fret

Most famous clients

Hank Marvin, Robin Nolan, Kevin Nolan, John Wheatcroft, Andy Mackenzie and Gary Potter


Rob Aylward studied Musical Instrument Technology for four years at the London College of Furniture (now Guildhall University) under the tuition of Herbert Schartz and the widely acclaimed classical guitar maker Michael Gee. He started R J Aylward guitars in 1990 and has steadily built a reputation for high quality handcrafted instruments built to his clients specifications. In 1997 Guitarist magazine reviewed an OM sized guitar saying “ A feast for the eyes and the ears”, ” A call to rob could be the end of the search for the perfect and perfectly affordalble guitar. Rob has been most noted for his work with the Selmer style guitars and can count Hank Marvin, Robin and Kevin Nolan, John Wheatcroft, Andy Mackenzie and Gary Potter and amongst the well-known musicians he has built instruments for.

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